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August 1 @ 3:30 am - September 30 @ 6:00 am


Awakened Life Gratitude Grace Love Program

These will be run in modules of 1, 2 and 3. Each module stands alone and participating in all 3 modules provides a momentum, a continuum to deeply immerse, bring forth and Play.

The three Modules will be held over 15 Weeks.


Awakened Life Module 1 Gratitude 1st - 19th August

  • 5 day retreat program (1st-5th August)
  • Wheel of Change Experiential (12th August)
  • Satsang with Pia Ma (19th August)

Awakened Life Module 2 Grace 12th - 30th September

  • 5 day retreat program 12th-16th September
  • Wheel of Change 23rd September
  • Satsang with Pia Ma 30th September

Awakened Life Module 3 Love 24th October - 11th November

  • 5 day retreat program 24th-28th October
  • Wheel of Change 4th November
  • Satsang with Pia Ma 11th November


Module Format

5 day Awakened Life Retreat

An opportunity to join Pia Ma in 3 Modules which include a 5 day Awakened Life Retreat with Daily Satsangs and a full day retreat schedule to follow.

The beauty of recorded programs is they offer both a full retreat program and the flexibility for busy schedules. This includes the Wheel of Change Experiential and Satsangs. Those that wish to attend and participate as a solid 5 day retreat program can do so. With daily live zoom Satsangs and a 5 day suggested outline to follow that include silent sittings.
If you are working or have time limits then you can set the program to your pace and availability. Suggestions, cut /rearrange the silent sittings to focus on the recorded programs within your time. To be genuinely committed to the program is called for to keep the momentum in Play. This is designed to support bringing forth the full richness of a residential program in the sweetness of your own home environment.

The 5 day program starts with Satsang and will end on the last event on the daily schedule.

The Wheel of Change

The three Wheel of Change Experiental will be held the following week after the 5 day program and provides a richness, continual support and importantly checking emotional freedom. The Wheel of Change experiental will be run by Pia Ma, Erik and Sangha.

This experiental is an opportunity to check-into our formless-form, to check in, openly discover and recognise our interwoven energy within our Emotional intelligence. Honouring the quickening container within this program we explore and naturally dissolve-preserve-create space to fine tune our capacity in freely experience emotions within the unfolding momentum.

Satsang with Pia Ma

The Satsang with Ma follows on a week after the Wheel of Change Experiental. This Satsang will provide an opportunity to reinforce share and complete the module.


The Awakened Life Modules

This is an invitation to Sacredly Play, deeply immerse and celebrate. To explore our Freedom within Awakened Presence within the realms of Gratitude Grace and Love in our everyday. To check in within our personal and professional lives and reinforcing Sacred balance. Together we explore-open up our experiences, recognise our facets of unfolding, our testing within the waters of Presence. Honouring our experiences, and intimate sharing fine tuning we inspire invoke capacity to Consciously register - respond and ground our true nature through Being.

Each module has three aspects and each module can stand alone. The three modules support each other to deeply immerse, bring forth, polish and ground Sacred Awakening in all aspects of our lives.


Starting time of all events

The event open half an hour before Pia Ma will come online, this will allow you to log in on time and test your connection. Please be seated in Silence at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the Satsang.

Los Angeles time - 11 am

Toronto time - 2 pm

Amsterdam time - 8 pm

Sydney time - 4 am

Click here to convert your timezone.


How it works:

Meetings run through a program called Zoom. Once payment has been received, Eventbrite will send you a confirmation email. The Zoom meeting link will be sent two hours before the start of the program by an email from Eventbrite.


Cost modules:

The cost of the modules is based on a sliding scale from 130 - 230 Euro.

If you register for all 3 modules there will be a 15% discount. The sliding scale 390-690 euro minus your 15% discount. Full payments on registration are welcomed or payment for module 1 and then payments for the 2nd and 3rd module are due at least a week prior to each module commencement date.

To receive the discount you need to register and commit to all 3 modules and clearly state payment agreement.

If there are genuine financial issues please don't hesitate and discuss via attention Erik & Sieta.


August 1 @ 3:30 am
September 30 @ 6:00 am


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