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January 21 - February 19

Sacred Celebration Play of Presence
India Tour 2020.

The Sweet Nectar calls us forth to Sacredly Dance, Divinity’s Pulse the Sacred Play of Presence for all to be deeply Nourished. Pia Ma

Satchitanada Pia Ma returns to India holding programs supporting Awakening and Post Awakening Full Embodiment. Ma’s Spiritual Guidance is unique within the boundlessness Play of Great Omni-Presence Divinity. Her Grace, Love, Sword of Truth, Love of Great Omni-presence Divinity natural streaming is clear and Sacredly refreshing within the ordinary. Ma inspires us all to Truly Live within the Sacredness of Life. Spending time with Pia Ma it is clear Great Omni-Presence Divinity continual orchestration within natural Being and her programs are profoundly Sacred.

Pia Ma’s Presence is inspirational and she inspires all of us to be real, as our first point of call. Dance in Sacredness. To treasure, be intimately honest within our own unique energy experience, humbled within the Dance of our Sacred Presence, fully Embody as a natural part of the Human Being maturity. Pia Ma continually steers us to our real.

Pia Ma’s Grace and devoted commitment supports our richness, encourages the Light of our Conscious Presence to Shine Light on our unseen and seen. Ma’s capacity within Sharing Boundless tools within any given moment is a delight in spending Sacred time with Ma. The gift of Consciously Playing Sacred Tools the Sweet Nectar naturally rises, the nonsense unreal falls away and at times exposes where stretched Beyond is called forth to Play, let go Transcend established patterns. Ma’s endless patient Key reminders, to Play from Presence Awareness, Ascend no effort is our innate gift for ourselves, our ancestors, humanity. Fresh Freedom Beyond to experience, Live and Celebrate.

The Tour starts in southern India outside of Tiruvannamalai. The Greenland Ashram is set in a peaceful the rural setting, with a large Temple and grounds resonating devotion to the Sacred. Beautiful devoted beings host, lovely cottage accommodation, excellent quality food and picturesque view of Sacred Arunachala.

The tour continues north to Rishikesh staying at our well loved Rishikesh Sadan Sacredly welcoming Pia Ma and the group with Love and devotion. The Sacred Ganga and the foot hills of Himalaya mountains, another area in India that calls many Sacred Beings to Play.

Residential Retreats provide an opportunity to Sacredly Dance Together committed to True Freedom. The orchestration is within Great Omni-presence Divinity’s hands. Humbled within the Presence of the Sacred. The program is rich with Freedom to focus inward, Consciously register and respond to Consciousness allowing the Sacredness of the individual Play of Presence to orchestrate, bring forth Sacred Celebration Embodying Presence. Unfolding-meeting whatever no longer serves and allow Presence to rise forth ‘once again’ in Fresh Spaciousness Embodying deepest realisations. Sacred Celebration. Pia Ma

What the program includes:

Richness of the Sacred, silent sittings, Satsangs, Chi movements, Sacred Dialogues, experientials a treasured program that is spontaneous, orchestrated and Streamed forth in Sacred Play and Celebration from Great Omni-presence Divinity.
The program is for the devoted with a commitment to go Beyond oneself, be willing when one may not be willing and surrender into ones Silence that is always Here. The art of Consciously Playing within the Silence.


Tiruvannamalai 9 day-10 night retreat 
Check in: 21st of January | 2 PM
Retreat start: 21st of January | 7 PM
Retreat end: 30th of January | 5 PM
Check out: 31st  of January | 12 PM

Rishikesh 7 day-10 night retreat
Check in: 31st of January | 2 PM
Retreat start: 2nd of February | 7 PM
Retreat end: 9th of February | 12 PM
Check out: 10th of February | 12 PM

Rishikesh 7 day-9 night retreat
Check in: 10th of February | 2 PM
Retreat starts: 11th of February | 7 PM
Retreat end: 18th of February | 12 Noon
Check out: 19th of February | 12 Noon




To get to Tiruvannamalai, fly into Chennai or Bangalore. We recommend flying into Chennai. You can find cheap tickets on www.skyscanner.com. We will arrange a taxi to pick you up from the airport. Please email events@meetingwithpia.org with your flight details (flight number and arrival time – attention Jan or Erik).

Taxi Costs

From Chennai airport (3.5 hours): 3200 rupees (41 euro)
From Bangalore airport: (4-6 hours) 4500 rupees (58 euro)
If participants arrive at the same time we will arrange a shared taxi.


To get to Rishikesh, fly into Dehradun. You can find cheap tickets on www.skyscanner.com and for local flights you can use www.cleartrip.com.
We will arrange a taxi to pick you up from the airport. Please email events@meetingwithpia.org with your flight details (flight number and arrival time – attention Jan or Erik).

Taxi Costs
From Dehradun airport: 800 rupees (11 euro)


Room type Price room incl. food Teaching Total
Tiru 10 night Retreat
Sathya Kutheer (Bungalow for 2 or 3) €269.00 €450.00 €719.00
Santhi Kutheer (Bungalow  for 2 or 3) €269.00 €450.00 €719.00
Dharma Kutheer (Bungalow for 2 or 3) €269.00 €450.00 €719.00
Sita Kutheer (ladies) (room shared for 2, bathroom for 4) €196.00 €450.00 €646.00
Sita Kutheer (gents) (shared room shared for 2, bathroom for 4) €196.00 €450.00 €646.00
Click here for more information about the rooms.


Rishikesh first retreat (7 days - 10 nights)
NON AIRCO ground floor (shared room for 2) €130.00 €350.00 €480.00
AIRCO first floor (shared room for 2) €150.00 €350.00 €500.00
Rishikesh second silent retreat (7 days - 9 nights)
NON AIRCO ground floor (shared room for 2) €117.00 €350.00 €467.00
AIRCO first floor (shared room for 2) €135.00 €350.00 €485.00

10 percent discount if you join the whole tour.

Please indicate us your preferred accommodation when you send in your booking request. We will allocate the rooms on a first come, first serve basis.

  • All prices are per person. Prices include teachings, accommodation and food.
  • Transport, spontaneous trip costs are NOT included for Tiruvannamalai. Food is included but spontaneous dinners outside the Ashram are possible and not included.
  • Transport and spontaneous trip costs are NOT included for Rishikesh.

Pia Ma is open to all, and in this spirt Aumcara offers a limited number of partial-scholarships and payment plans for devotees who are genuinely called to Awakening and are disadvantaged at the time. Partial-scholarships are given to people according to a range of criteria, including financial need, fair and honourable application, devotion to self and Pia Ma’s teachings.


For registration and further information please email Pia Ma's Sangha Team through events@meetingwithpia.org attention Jan or Erik.



January 21
February 19
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