Sacred Healing Program

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Sacred Healing Program

April 24 @ 3:30 am - June 26 @ 6:00 am


Sacred Healing Program

Our Sacred Play together, the richness within time shared to Consciously Play, allow the Divine to highlight guide recover our Sacred Healing capacities through our direct experiences. To shine the Light of Presence within our energetic pathways, to open and recover what appears dormant, Sacred-Heart felt, Sweet Nectar finery. To Know our form-formless-Beyond instrument and to Know how to allow-support-prime-finetune, Dance with and enable our innate Intelligence to naturally align our energy fields. Our Life force-formless freely streams through the formless-form and Beyond. Within our direct experience we recognise-remember recover who we really Are. Sacred, to Know thy self-to Know from a place of Silence, Absolute Knowing the Space to rise forth and Play. Delightful Freedom.

To Know Great Omni-presence-Divinity, God is ours to Know, celebrate through our own direct experience. Such richness is ours to recover within our multidimensional energetic fields. Consciously allowing Space and Light Intelligence to open fresh Lightness Purity. An authentic Sacred Play-experience orchestrated by Great Omni-presence Divinity humbled within the opportunity together we come and Dance our Beyond capacities for all Life to experience. Open Heart Presence, Here we Play.

We are the Sacred Instrument of Great Omni-Presence Divinity and we are the Life force that streams forth through this instrument. We are incarnated in a field of Great Omni-presence-Divinity. A Presence that is Here, Here to support us in every breath, a Presence that gives us Free-will and choice Beyond at times what we can truly recognise until the moment of intimate of Play. A Presence that once focused upon, allowed, Space to orchestrate, free of interpretation opens us to our Divine Play Intelligence, Sacred. A Knowing comes forth within the form-formless and Beyond. A Knowing once experienced-recovered is ours to Draw upon, simply Here in any given moment and resides in our Great Ocean of Silence. A Knowing Beyond mind Knowing fulfilment.

This Sacred Healing program is a rare delight that has come forth to Share-Play. This invitation extends to those that share a Love for Sacred Healing Knowing Streaming capacities within the form-formless-Beyond. This is an opportunity for us to freshly recover-highlight-Embody our Glorious Human form-formless-Beyond capacities. To bridge any possible gaps between our professional and home everyday life-allow our Sacred Realisations-vibrations that we experience-unfold-realise in certain settings the Space-Freedom to fully permeate our energy fields and express-Be in all aspects of our lives. The richness of capacities that naturally extend-enhance Sacred Heart Being, innate creative Intelligence to freely blossom-flow-share.

Sharing the Boundless Art of Sacred Healing within our multidimensional expressions, such richness, within delight of recovery, celebrating, humbling within the Glory of Creation. Honouring Sacred incarnations, remembrance within the Sacred of this Life. Knowings that have already come forth and continue to come forth. Treasuring our innate Intelligence, our Sacred capacity to Play the Instrument, remember, drawing forth Beyond Knowing, Streaming focus within Sacred Healing there is a Sweet Nectar in the air. A Sacred Pulse for us to Play-experience. It is delightful Knowing this program has opened up especially at this special time for Humanity. I am Humbled, Grateful, Sacred Heart touched that this Sacred Healing program has come to be offered. Pia Ma



Program Details

9 week program:

3 live online 2 hour meetings will be held: at the start-middle-and conclusion of the program. Live Meetings will be also be recorded and posted, to draw upon at any time.

In-between live meetings, there will be 9 weeks of recorded experientials. Each week new recordings will be posted for you to experience for that week and in the convenience of your own time. The recordings will be approximately 30-40 minutes and Pia Ma invites you to experience them at least three times within the week.

Note: There will also be bonus support recordings available and posted which Pia Ma may guide you to experience for added support and also for those that have more time to play, and simply wish to Play.

The recorded dialogues, demonstrations, experientials-exercises, guided meditations and Sacred writing are for you to experience, enjoy and will build a Sacred freshness momentum as we move through each week of the program. You will have the opportunity to share experiences in the live meetings.

The entire Program is recorded and available, set with consideration of busy schedules and the different time zones. Program recordings will be posted and will remain available for participants after the conclusion of the program.

There will be email support directly with Pia Ma during the program. Questions will be answered directly by email and or in the live meetings.

The subject needs to state: Private message for Pia Ma Sacred Healing program

Please use dot points and refine your questions.


What you need to bring:

You will need a journal and pen.

Pia Ma requests a genuine Sacred Heart Grace commitment to the program.


Starting Time Live Online Meetings:

The live meeting platform opens half an hour before Pia Ma will come online, this will allow you to log in on time and test your connection. Please be ready and sit-rest in Silence at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. (Make sure your journal pen and drinks are close in hand.)

Los Angeles time - 23 April, 28 May & 25 June - 11 am

Toronto time - 23 April, 28 May & 25 June - 2 pm

London time - 23 April, 28 May & 25 June - 7pm

Amsterdam time - 23 April, 28 May & 25 June - 8 pm

Sydney time - 24 April, 29 May & 26 June - 4 am

Click here to convert your timezone.


How it works:

Meetings run through a program called Zoom. Once payment has been received, Eventbrite will send you a confirmation email. The Zoom meeting link will be sent two hours before the start of the program by an email from Eventbrite.



The cost of the 9 week program is based on a sliding scale from 150 - 250 Euro. If there are genuine financial issues please don't hesitate and discuss via attention Erik & Sieta.

All are welcome.



Please note there is a Prerequisite to participate in this Sacred Healing Program: Invoke-Inspire-Celebrate Divine Presence within our Everyday. If you have missed the prerequisite program and wish to participate in this Sacred Healing Program then the prerequisite program is available through the website, Store Aumcara. Although this is now set as a self-directed program, Pia Ma and Sangha remain available for email support.


April 24 @ 3:30 am
June 26 @ 6:00 am


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