Erik is a Devoted Gem within Pia Ma’s Sangha and is part of everything Aumcara. His Presence and selfless service Gifts the dancing glory of Aumcara. Erik’s Devotion to Pia Ma and sharing her guidance is delightful. Their creative Sacred Play together a solid in fluidity Pulse of creation devoted to support Awakening naturally comes forth blossoms.

His dedication to Presence Embodiment clearly reflects his capacities to stay focused, stay with it, a willingness Beyond willing until completion. Sacred Player. Erik ‘s grounded support is boundless and well cherished , with long visits to Aumcara Ocean Shores, flourishing his personal and universal commitment to Presence Living Being. Graced selfless service for Pia Ma and everything Aumcara , Erik’s humbleness behind the scenes selfless service is Beyond, on tour and program events, he is grounded within Aumcara’s creative flow that includes video clips, the daily sharings, audio recordings and postings.

Erik inspires and breathes commitment to Truth Love Presence , Love of Sacred Knowing pulses. His intimate energy play within his own honesty invokes and opens continual deepening Sacred Pulse, a Freshness that clearly shines. Being Real. The finery in play, Sacred. Erik is a well Loved Presence within Pia Ma’s Sangha, Aumcara.

? Pia Ma


Sijbrand Maal gave me three years ago the invitation to see Pia Ma. He didn’t say or explain anything, not knowing what to expect I only knew that I had to go. I met her at the Intensive at the Nieuwe Yogaschool, Amsterdam. When she arrived in the room everything fell away and all that was left was Space.

In the time that followed my Heart kept drawing me to her and I started to follow her Satsangs and Skype meetings. After the Profound experiences patterns and deep fears started to arise. At that time I didn’t know how to be with this. It was Pia Ma who was guiding me through the fears and patterning, she gave me the tools to 'be with it' myself. And she did this with so much Love and Grace time after time.

During the first India retreat Pia Ma guided me to really connect and stay in my body. She gave me the tools to come out of my mind and experience from Awareness Presence. I had to stop speaking when it was from my mind. ‘Stop, be still and feel’. It wasn’t easy and at the same time it was exactly what I needed.

After the retreat I was experiencing the fruits of the India retreat, there was not only more Space, I was feeling the flow of Life.

My dad died two weeks after the retreat. It was a beautiful moment in time, such a gift to experience it from an open Heart. I got a phone call that they were trying to save his life. I could feel my father in that moment and spontaneously arose to speak with him, forgive him, sending him my love and say with the whole my Heart, 'it’s ok to go now.'

Like all pure Knowings I knew to come to Aumcara Ashram in Australia. Without rhyme or reason. In the months that followed Life arranged that I could live with Pia Ma for a year. For me, it was exactly what I needed. I learnt so much. Practicing the tools every day and to bring the Sacred fully into daily life. The experiences came,  there is no difference to creating Sacred creations or to do the dishes. The Sacred is in all and everything.

During the India retreat this year (2019) I was stretched by Pia Ma to stop trying. In these moments patterns of wanting recognition, anger and fear arose. Now I can see the stretch is the Love. I am thankful for all the stretching and pushing even I don't like it at the time. The willingness Beyond willing.

I am so thankful for all the teachings of Pia Ma, she shares tools that support emotional and spiritual maturity and she keeps steering and supports me to fine-tune. It's learning to be Here. I feel and experience more and more that I am and becoming my True-self in every moment.

For me it is such a gift to stay for a longer period of time and still be with Pia Ma. Thank you Pia Ma, thank you Life. Thank you for so much Grace and thank you for all the Love.