Illja holds a particular space sharing Pia Ma’s guidance, tools and experientials. Her Devotion for Truth, Freedom, Love and selfless service brings forth a continued pulse of Presence with Pia Ma’s guidance, Sacred Life, Sacred Living. Illja blossoms, delightfully Real, and is our Cherished Sangha Being that inspires Devotion, Being Real and provides Sacred opportunities for many, seen and unseen. Selfless in her service supporting Awakening and Embodiment.
Under Pia Ma’s Guidance and her Presence, Programs are Boundless within the Sacred. Illja supports and is part of the many facets of Aumcara, she is the overseer of Store Aumcara, depths of publishing supporting Omni-creations.
Her skills and service shine in video clips, sharings, newsletters, with her Grace and Knowing that is humbly wide. Her love of all aspects of Sacred Intelligence flows and continues to shine through in her Yoga classes, her gift with animals and within the Real, ordinary of everyday Sacred Living.
? Pia Ma


Once I met Pia Ma three years ago in Amsterdam, a deep knowing rose inside to follow her to the India retreat half a year later. The moment I stepped foot on this retreat, I Knew I was to live with Pia Ma in Aumcara Ashram Ocean Shores. Not really knowing what to expect yet Pia Ma mentioned when I asked, ‘it’s not always easy’.

Living with Pia Ma for about 5 months at Aumcara Ashram wasn’t always easy yet it wasn’t hard either. It was precise and all I needed to meet came to the surface, bubbled up. Strong resistance, deep patterning and conditioning. It was not always comfortable, yet not one moment did it come to mind to leave. Feeling always so held by Ma her Presence. Stretching the capacity to be still, to stay as Awareness, remembering what I am and connecting deeply with my True Self.

Feeling in to what living with Pia at Aumcara Ashram brought me, the word that comes first is, Everything. Living from my Sacred Heart, the freedom to play with everything that comes and goes. To see the Light in everyone and everything, free from the identification with the person.

The months that followed my longing and Heart were called to Pia Ma and her energy field, pure Consciousness. A few retreats followed and it was India last year I connected deeply with Pia Ma, so Beyond personal and duality, the Divine came through, True Remembrance. A timeless moment in time. Pia Ma then invited me to start the Pia Ma’s study group in Amsterdam. To share and passing on the Innate tools and the teachings Ma is providing.

Also my Yoga classes began to deepen and invoke in using the tools and sharing Awareness Presence. Remembering each other, the Innate Tools and that we Are already That. Currently i’m teaching yoga at De Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam.

Through Ma and her teachings I truly experience I Am That Already. In the Study group and sharing yoga classes I experience this aligning, Presence rising forth, streaming Consciousness and this deep connection with her energy field is felt on many levels.

Now also The Wheel of Change Program in Amsterdam has begun. The Wheel of Change Program utilises an experiential that came to Pia Ma in the early 90s. A beautiful program to explore your emotional intelligence, fundamental within Spiritual Awakening.

Beyond grateful I am for Pia Ma and her guidance. Ma and her Devotion to support Embodiment Awakening for all Human beings, not one excluded, as we all ‘Are That already and we Are always becoming’, humbles me deeply.

Thank you thank you thank you.