Kathleen is gloriously treasured. Her Presence and devotion to everything Aumcara is Beyond selfless service. Regardless if Kathleen is on tour she is always very much there in spirit. When on tour we are Graced by Kathleen’s Presence in all facets, her love for offering Healing Hands is our Sacred bonus. Gracefully she keeps the home fires burning , inspirational Presence ?

Healing hands with Kathleen is a unique experience to surrender and allow whatever healing needs to happen, happen. It is simply Love running through Kathleen’s hands and into your body, working, balancing, adjusting, releasing, enhancing energy. There may be questions that come during your session and sometimes it is quiet. People leave the Healing session delightfully different.

? Pia Ma


It has been over ten years now since I met Pia Ma, so ever timeless. I was recommended to Pia Ma by a Psychologist Friend who met Ma when she was guiding a small community group supporting a terminally ill Beloved.

The depth of connection was instant. Our Love of Love, wholeness, Healing realignment with my own thirst for Spiritual Celebration and Freedom clearly bought us together. My children at the time were very small and had severe breathing issues when we first met. Monthly they would be off in an ambulance needing emergency medical treatment. In an extremely short time together with Pia Ma the need for hospital visits changed dramatically to then visits were no longer needed.

I have worked closely with Pia Ma ever since and very soon after meeting Ma we started to live at Aumcara Canberra with Pia Ma. Ma’s boundless Conscious Streaming and understanding energy through all the bodies of Conscious Intelligence is Beyond Words. Graced by God. Sacred comes to mind.

We shared Hands on Healing and everything Aumcara. My own personal transformation, Remembering and embracing who I am. In 2015 Pia Ma was called to the North Coast of New South Wales and we set up Aumcara Ocean Shores. Pia Ma stated ‘you’re more than ready Kathleen you have always been ready’. Pia Ma and I continue the Play, Love of Divine Union, glorious dialogues Beyond treasured. Pia Ma supports my deepening and rising forth Presence that naturally stream forth in my practise of Laying of Hands.

Only on rare occasions now will Pia Ma and I lay our Hands together and the Sacred privilege is profound. I am Aware the same Sacred energy is in constant Play and we are in Boundless Play together within the Grace of Great Omni-presence-Divinity.