Essence of Pia’s teachings

Our Innate Functioning is designed to support full Awakening. As Innate Functioning unfolds-shows itself, we become conscious of our functioning and as we exercise our inner capacities, in an instant we return or remain-deepen in Awareness Presence Essence. Within the simplicity of exercising through direct experience, we can identify our already naturally established Innate Functioning and bring the Light of Consciousness to naturally cultivate our other capacities. A whole other dimension within everyday life experience opens as Sacred Heart resonates freely.

The opportunities unfold as we come together, regardless if utilising multi-media or in person, we can call upon the group energy field as a resource enabling support to keep on track and surrender deeper within. No effort-surrendering to our Sacred Essence that is always present, yet at times within our everyday life is buried for whatever reason.


We can focus on the unresolved and at times this needs to ‘be’. Yet in this, to allow our first point of call to be surrendering into our True Essence, we have the opportunity to simply Remember through direct experience, who we really are. To take the time to bask-rest-soak in our True Essence, strength Beyond our self naturally arises and from this place we invite what no longer serves. The delightful surprise and freshness within open discovery. How quick and simple Transcending what no longer serves can actually be. To share we are innately designed for Transcending-Ascending, here our Real Essence has Space and naturally comes forth.

When we on board come on board and give space for our Presence, Omni-consciousness precisely Orchestrates and brings forth what no longer serves through our Presence, our Light of Consciousness Transcending Touch. All peels-sheds-dissolves, the freshness within open discovery brings forth ‘beyond’ what the mind assumes to be released. Here we experience our innate capacity to unwind-unfold-transcend allowing Presence to naturally come forth, our Sacred Heart Space to dance us into True Be-ing full Awakening.

As we become conscious of our Innate Functioning, although it can appear dormant, we realise we are already utilising our Innate FPia-lachunctioning. The paradox of it all. A delightful cosmic joke. Searching for who we already are. Yet the moment we consciously exercise our functioning capacities that are designed to support Awakening, the richness, the profound, the Glory of Sacred connection is ours. Not as a concept, as a direct Sacred Heart experience resonating through the body. In that moment, we remember who we really are. We are Home. Once Home we realise all experiences have led us to our Sacred moment, all is Divinely Orchestrated. Although recognising we have never left our Sacred within, as it is not a possibility, we celebrate recognising the Sacred Fire and our True-self, Oneness of Be-ing.

The invitation and Gift is to inwardly turn and feel our True-essence, our Sacred within. We can live life with strength Beyond the ever imagined simply by no effort-tapping-surrendering into who we really are. We have the innate capacity to call and surrender into our Essence just like that. To directly feel-taste the difference, Presence that we naturally recognise regardless if familiar. Our innate ability to call-ask our Sacred within for courage to be true to who we really are, and live within Grace Gratitude Conscious Presence Union. It is our birth rite. It is our time.
We can live life effortlessly tasting Awareness Presence, yet we can swing in a moment and realise we are grasping-holding in our mind-emotions-ego behaviour patterns, we know our life experience is compromised, narrowing and we are short of our True Freedom. We will continue to be in unrest until we return to True-self, that is part of the natural design. No matter how subtle, unrest will remain as a Sacred yearning calling us to consciously return Home.

At times we can circulate and come back to similar realisations, simply to find ourselves back again entanglNeela-en-Piaed in our mind-emotions-ego behaviours. Here is our opportunity to exercise our Innate Functioning Tools and in that moment Awareness Presence naturally comes forth. We have the Innate Functioning to Transcend-dissolve-break old patterns through the Field of Open Discovery from Awareness Presence and Presence naturally deepens. We can directly experience we are Light Energy Be-ings and we can call upon our inner strength Awareness Presence and not take things personally, recognising old patterns are simply energy awaiting release. It does not need to take a long time to remember who we are as we are that already. The key is through vigilance in utilising our innate functioning, we can steer-return and anchor in the Great Ocean. Just like that. Spaciousness within Spaciousness unfolds.
Our Hearts, our True-self shines the moment we turn inward Beyond our mind. We can authentically call upon our Sacred within and the moment we turn our attention inward into our always present Awareness and ask for strength-courage to be True to our Sacred Heart, strength naturally comes forth. To remain in our Hearts is our Gift for ourselves, our family, our global community, humanity and our environment.


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Date : 10 Feb 2016