Video: Gentle Reminders

As we explore our Innate Functioning we unfold knowing our True-self and we can recognise and look into the past with judgemental eyes. It is here loving kindness is paramount.

Spiritual Awakening naturally unfolds who we think we are, who we are being in the world and who we really are. We can wonder at times where we have been, even horrified, as we unfold and start really seeing our mind-emotions-ego behaviours in action. We can wonder what we were thinking, and judging our actions can arise. Don’t be too concerned within the sighting. Remember the sight comes from your Awareness Presence and the key is to remain-maintain-surrender into your Awareness. Insights are inevitable within spiritual unfoldment and the arising will bait-test us to remain in Awareness. At times the baiting call can be strong, yet Awareness Presence will come forth as you stay with it.

At times simply becoming aware and you find yourself involved-grasping in the mind-emotions-ego-behaviours activated. The moment you sight know, really know, it is Awareness Presence that highlights, so remain-anchor in Awareness. Regardless of the capacity to surrender into Awareness straight away or this needs to be exercised, relax. Otherwise this can generate confusion, added frustration, here reminders such as exercise loving kindness, knowing all experiences steer us directly or indirectly to unfold our moments of tasting and or dropping into Presence-Beyond.

We can exercise our Innate Functioning, the moment our Awareness highlights, stop-drop-remain hold firm our attention in Awareness and ‘feel-our-way-back-into-Awareness Presence’. No effort surrendering. From the place of Awareness Presence here, call upon self-inquiry as needed and allow time for beyond the mind Awareness contemplation to experience the broader depths within all experiences.
Although questioning and deep contemplation is an important tool of being, it can slip into critical analysis if not exercising loving kindness. To recognise, really recognise we are light energy beings and our experiences, although magnificently unique to the individual, knowing the individual-ancestral-collective energy, our three-way possibility, is vital to remember when experiencing energy release. The individual-ancestral-collective energy although intertwined rises forth within the resonance of release. To really recognise within our releasing, life experiences are not personal, simply embracing-knowing Consciousness in play helps us not to take things so personally and to exercise loving kindness with ourselves, ancestors and humanity. Loving kindness for ourselves, ancestors, collective is part of our testing within Awakening and here rises our opportunity to maturely meet in Heart Presence what has been, beyond what the mind-emotions-egos insist on calling.

As we deepen surrender into our True Essence we start to resonate in a finer vibration from the Sacred Touch. This vibration naturally Transcends what no longer serves within the moment of Touch. Any remnants that are not of this finery vibration-energy will rise-bubble up as an opportunity for the Light of your Conscious Presence to touch-meet cleanly as an added opportunity to consciously sight and allow the up-out rising bubbling release. Here one can assume-mistake old patterns and ways of mind-emotions-behaviours have returned rather than simply a natural added bonus pathway for release. This can really show up when you sit in the Presence of an Awakened Be-ing, Spiritual teacher. This can also show up after deep realisations, tasting the Great Ocean and suddenly to find oneself with the appearance of old patterns-activated, yet these are merely rising like shadows of release and testing the waters of remaining in the Ocean. The mind can grasp and confusion rises, recognising at home one may be quite still-balanced to suddenly be activated within mind-emotions-ego. This is very common, the unconscious depths to be met as the teachers’ depth within the Ocean resonates as an energy for those, especially physically close, to resonate within the same similar finery energy vibration.

To simply recognise this natural pathway of bubbling release, gives us an understanding what is occurring and allows us to consciously come on board supporting the release as opposed to re-embedding what is simply bubbling up-out of our energy. Here vigilance is to be exercised, return to Awareness as the mind-emotions-ego roar, and utilise Sensory Functioning such as, feel your way inward, surrender into your Sacred Heart, be still-steadfast. A common occurrence that can be supported through knowing the energy happenings, then the release, the direct experience is kinder, efficient, deepening. Harnessing the opportunities within release, we can always go deeper.

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Date : 02 Jul 2016