Open Satsang Tiruvannamalai (25-01-2020)

1. Here together to celebrate Sacred Presence that is within all human all Life


2. What brings you to Satsang?


3. Let your Presence Speak


4. Consciously playing the instrument we Are


5. A whole other Dimension is ours to Open


6. What happens if you allow Awareness to Consciously land in the Sacred Heart ?


7. Anchor and experience the Shakti in the Sacred Heart


8. Be True to your Heart. There is nothing else that exists


9. The Shakti that is moving trough starts to remember Here - Sacred Heart is the landing


10. If we rest our attention in the unfolding we actually slow it down


11. I had an Awakening experience


12. Tasting the Sweet Nectar


13. Feel what no longer serves and be willing to leave it

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Date : 28 Jan 2020