Silent sitting

ohmmmmEnjoy regularly connecting-surrendering into the Sacred-Divine-True essence that is always within you wherever you are. That way you will unfold-experience the Sacred within and outside of yourself. Feel your way home. Drop-bask in Awareness-surrender. Surrender into silence. Silence that is always within you, regardless of the surface mind-emotions that can arise.  A simple Heart Prayer, asking for support to surrender into silence. No effort-surrendering-feeling your way inward is a golden key.

Silent sitting will definitely support-realign-bring forth your innate natural balance that will support full Awakening.
It is ideal if you can commit to the same time and duration every day. Set a timer to whatever you can realistically commit to yourself.


  • Morning/evening, without effort-surrendering, bring your attention and focus into Awareness. If distracted and finding yourself grasping-adding to internal dialogue, simply stop and bring your attention-return to Awareness. Surrender.
  • Sometimes you will need to exercise the muscle of mind into Awareness more than other times. That’s just how it can be. Don’t take it personally, the rising releasing energy can be yours, ancestral, collective. So relax. See it as an opportunity. Have no concern, stay with it as your innate muscle strengthens. The benefits are immense.
  • Let go of judgements and comparing each silent sitting. It is what it is. Stay with it. Your quality of life will reflect the benefits. How you are being in everyday life happenings will have more space-strength to be present and enrich everyday life.
  • IfNicole ogen dicht you find your mind is distracting, the more you focus-surrender-no effort into your Awareness the more the mind will settle. Maintain your focus and commitment to silence-not talking to yourself. Spot check; are you in effort-trying to sit in silence-trying to meditate? Let effort-trying go and enjoy surrendering.
  • If the mind-emotions are activated, gently breathe deep below your navel and visualise breathing in-out through the lower belly.
  • The mind will rise and fall if you don’t grasp. Lovingly allow the mind to be, free of adding-grasping within the rising and the mind will settle. Maintain focus-surrendering into Awareness. Lovingly welcoming whatever arises, free of grasping, naturally sets-brings space to drop into-unfold-bring forth your true-essence.
  • The moment Awareness highlights you are in your mind, stop-feel your way back into Awareness and simply surrender-no effort into Awareness. No judgements.
  • Be aware not to end silent sittings within a distraction. Simply return your attention into Awareness, bask-rest-soak, finishing your sitting free of distraction. This strengthens our inner foundation for silent sitting/meditations.

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Date : 30 Jul 2016