Utilise Self-inquiry

  • Self-inquiry is an innate tool for open discovery unfolding Presence-spaciousness. The catch can be, if your attention is on the outcome you can miss the treasures within the journey of unfolding release.
  • Ask directly what is underneath the risen energy. ‘What is under these thoughts? What is under that emotion?’ Catch the first word.
    Ask what does that word mean for you right here now, not yesterday, here now.
  • Catching the first word as you unfold, do not be concerned if this word is random and doesn’t make sense, stay with it and it will unfold. Continue asking until you drop back into silence, spaciousness.
  • Take the time and bask-rest-soak in the spaciousness. At times the mind will want to interpret, grasp onto the first word or wrap around-edge-bait you out of spaciousness. Allow the mind-emotions that can arise, without indulging. Put the line in the sand, be vigilant.
  • Remember these tips as possible occurrences so you can exercise and cultivate crisp-clean inquiry. If you catch yourself indulging in the releasing unfolding come back to awareness, a light touch, simply return to the inquiry, keep going, no judgement.
  • Honouring self-inquiry, it is Presence that steers-orchestrates what we are to touch onto. Allow the touch to be light as this Sacred touch is simply a path of self-inquiry to unwind and return home. Don’t get distracted off the path of unwinding. So remain focused, aware and clean within open discovery.

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Date : 29 Jul 2016