Introduction to our Sensory Functioning

Dialoguing into the formless-form energy at times can appear complex, yet it is within the simplicity of exercising the concepts that the direct experience comes forth.
Sensory Functioning is our pure energy pathway experience that is part of our Innate Functioning. As this Functioning is already occurring within us, once we consciously come on board and exercise-utilise our sensory Functioning, we bring forth an innate ally.

Our Sensory Functioning can be consciously utilised as a tool to steer us to presence-creating space especially when challenged. To consciously utilise it as needed, until we naturally bring forth our innate capacity as automatic within the ordinary, unfolding awareness presence. This enables us space to be present, free of being consumed within our experiences.

We can reset our energy experience within an instant, similar to self-inquiry yet the focus is within our energy pathway, how we naturally experience our pure energy pathway and how our pure energy flows within our experiences regardless how our mind-emotions-physical body can corrupt our experiences.

We can bring forth, become conscious and utilise our formless-non-dual into form-duality energy pathway.

The most common Sensory utilised appear to be our Feeling and Knowing. Knowing as in our absolute-essence-knowing. Feeling and Knowing are becoming well established, although with not too much conscious understanding within the energy pathway. We can recognise that Knowing streams from our presence beyond our mind, and that Feeling is linked with our intuitive capacity. Once we consciously play-exercise our Sensory and consciously bring forth-utilise the other two aspects, Vibration-Sensation, as a whole functioning system, we start to come on board with the fullness of our Sensory capacity. Our Sensory Functioning comes forth as a great ally that it is designed to be.

Although Vibration Sensation may appear dormant, with very little conscious exercising-cultivating all will show itself.

  • Key is to actually consciously exercise, play with Sensory.
  • So here vigilance when starting out is paramount and exercising our Sensory Functioning resetting our experience will naturally come forth.

The Sensory can be seen like pillars that bank the Great Ocean-stillness flowing forth as a pathway to experience our pure energy that is innate within all experiences. Although the Sensory are pathways already naturally Functioning, we can consciously come on board to this Functioning and here tap into our pure essence that streams through our Functioning-capacity. Like a heart and blood flow, Sensory Functioning, pure essence energy streams through the Sensory pathway. Energy streams forth from the Great Ocean through our Sensory Functioning that allows-gives us our capacity to experience energy. Ethereal into form.

The value within our Sensory Functioning is immense, a tool to reset-have a rerun within the energy experience, creating space to cleanly experience. Sensory Functioning especially shows up when we are being challenged within allowing an experience to be and or utilised within strong very challenged activation.

As we exercise the Sensory like other innate Functioning practices, we have the opportunity to go beyond the concept into conscious experience, the simplicity and profoundness within an instant. Resetting our experience opens a whole other realm of understanding, capacity within unfolding-awakening.

As we look at the Sensory chart we can see the pure pathway Vibration-Sensation-Feeling-Knowing.

We can reset our experience, and consciously back track our energy, no effort surrendering into the previous Sensory and the experience naturally resets-flows-pulses through the natural pathway. Space unfolds-comes forth.
Simple Example

  • If activated in the mind, bring your attention to Feeling and space will naturally unfold
  • If activated in the emotions, bring your attention to Sensation and space will naturally unfold
  • If activated in the physical, bring your attention to Vibration and space will naturally unfold.

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Date : 02 Jul 2016