Welcome the intimacy with your True-essence

  • Regularly allow and Sacredly call the purest of pure essence. Surrender bask-soak-rest within your Awareness Sacred Presence.
  • Regularly enjoy your Heart felt call-prayer to the Supreme Consciousness, the purest of pure energy within you, feel your way home. Regardless what is happening night-day.
  • Allow whatever life happenings to be experienced from a place of conscious Awareness and or consciously steer yourself Home, through exercising mind into Awareness. The more you exercise bringing your attention to return into Awareness, you will notice longer windows of residing in Awareness. Presence will naturally unfold-come forth. Stay with it and the benefits are profound.
  • Create a Sacred space, alter. Bring to the alter what is Sacred for you and honouring Transcending-Ascending-Supreme Awakening. Incense, candles, bells, pictures of your spiritual teachers, Sacred symbols, flowers, crystals and so forth. Keep the alter clean in a Sacred manner.
  • Recognise and bring forth the Sacred within all and everything.
  • Simple acts of kindness. Not to receive, rather freely-lovingly give to give.
  • Know there will be times that your mind will give you every reason not to meditate, regardless meditate-sit-or return to Awareness. This simply brings an opportunity to exercise and bask in our true-essence. Not from a place of have to, or obsessiveness, rather a welcoming deep connection is ours to live in every breath. Conscious Awareness Presence. We are designed for it. We are that already.

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Date : 28 Jul 2016