Sanne is our well Cherished Sangha Beloved, Devoted to Presence, Pia Ma’s Guidance and everything Aumcara. She has a natural Grace within selfless service, endurance and ever availability that reflects Beyond. Sanne’s Presence is Delightfully Playful, and her behind the scene creativity and selfless service is well treasured, including website, newsletters, advertising, sharing Pia Ma’s Love to share Truth in Being, Sacred Tools Ma’s Guidance. Sanne’s Love and availability is inspirational for all, Grace pulse of Aumcara in Play. Sanne, so cherished in her long stays at Aumcara Ocean Shores and on tour, with her Presence Devotion, creativity, Boundless within selfless service. Sanne also oversees private session bookings with Pia Ma which reflects her Sacred Heart devotion to Presence, Pia Ma and everything Aumcara. Sacred.
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