The Joy of Life – Tending

Program Information
After each live Satsang we will post on this page the Satsang and pre-recorded experiential-exercise to play during the 3 day retreat as an opportunity to thoroughly explore, embody, ground and bring forth and play with innate tools capacity.

Please Note
Participants understand that all programs hosted by Aumcara Community will be recorded further use by Aumcara Community Pty Ltd. In this we want you to remain in freedom to openly share. If you do not wish Aumcara to use any of your Satsang dialogue with Pia Ma, send us an email straight after the Satsang. We call upon your own responsibility and in this and we are happy to remove your recording: Subject: Recording Request-'Your name'

Satsang - Day One

Experiential - Day One

Satsang - Day Two

Experiential - Day Two

Satsang - Day Three

Experiential - Day Three